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Commercial Window Coverings - How can it be Energy Efficient?

Our world’s temperature is gradually increasing and arise in global warming.

Commercial Window Coverings - How can it be Energy Efficient? 1


Commercial Window Coverings


A commercial window coverings adds a stunning look for the architectural design of the building. There are commercial window contractors that provide solutions to every company for their window coverings. It is quite challenging for the contractors to provide their clients with a suitable design for their window coverings because all commercial window covering designs has their different styles. Each covering depends on the project requested by the company. These window covering types are roller shades, horizontal blinds, sheers, shutter covering, wood blinds, and vertical blinds. There are other types of window covering solution materials provided by contractors. These window covering materials for the different covering styles are operational blinds, screen shades, fire control, window tint and window cover that equipped security. 

Our world’s temperature is gradually increasing and arise in global warming. We cannot deny the fact that there is a rapid change in our atmosphere. An increase in warm temperatures in our world is very alarming.

Commercial Window Coverings – Use HVAC


Heat is one of the challenging factors of all commercial buildings around the world. In this case, companies would use an HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system to help control the temperature of the workplace. Using the HVAC system is an effective way to somehow lessen the heat in the workplace but it is also costly. The hotter the workplace could experience, the more air conditioning system will be provided. Therefore, it needs more energy to suffice the cool temperature in the room. The more energy consumption used, the higher the bills will be paid. One of the ways that the company will do to get more profit is to take good care of their people. They must have the safety precautions to avoid any health problems caused by excessive heat in the place. Employers should provide the best experience and comfortable workplace for their employees. In order to provide an environment that is cost-effective and energy-efficient, using a window covering for commercial buildings is advised.  According to the Energy Saver in the US, using a window covering can help reduce the daylighting and gives comfort at home.

Commercial Window Coverings- Types of Windows


There are two types of windows: commercial and residential windows. The residential windows are windows installed in our homes. The design and structure for residential windows depend on the dwelling. On the other hand, commercial windows are designed windows for buildings in the urban area. These commercial buildings acquire large spaces and structures. The designs of their window installments are customized and may depend on the desired architectural design. The window treatments also depend on the season and climate of the area. The residential windows are more efficient in energy consumption than commercial buildings. Since the residential windows have less area to control the daylighting. In contrast with the commercial building, it has a large area to cover-up and reduces the daylighting of the building. The energy efficiency is related to commercial window coverings because it helps to reduce the shade of daylight in the workplace. The HVAC will not work harder to achieve the right heat and cooling temperature of the area because of the window covering protections installed inside the building. There are different types of window treatments that can be used for energy efficiency. The cellular shades provide an insulation layer to shade a minimal amount of daylight and let the air get through the house (applicable for residential).  Aside from its cool structure and design that gives an overwhelming look to your house or workplace, the shutter window covering style is also a good window treatment for energy efficiency. The shutters window coverings are installed firmly on windows frames. It is a window covering the type that is made with fabric, glass, and solid panels. The shutter is a good window covering that people could use to control the number of direct rays of sunlight that entered the room. It is also instilled with covering barriers that keep your place warm during winter. Shutters and shades are just a few types of window treatments that could help you save energy and money. The price of each window covering may vary on the window covering provider that you will choose. Make sure that the window covering that you will choose can provide you an energy-efficiency and cost-effective treatment.

Commercial Window Coverings – What are some of the best Eco-friendly Buildings around the world? 


The use of window coverings will not just give a dazzling look to the architectural design of your building. It is also a good way to be part of the eco-friendly commercial building in the world. Eco-Friendly commercial buildings have a goal to lessen the brunt in health and the environment. The buildings around the world should do something that could help conserve natural resources. Using window coverings for windows in commercial buildings can be one of the many ways to have an energy-efficient environment. The AIA (American Institute of Architects) flaunt the top ten commercial buildings that passed their sustainability and design standards. The organization aims to strengthen the architects in the world and hold for a sustainable future. It is their mission to build adaptable and defensive buildings for the safety of the people. The following are the eco-friendly buildings that awarded by AIA in 2019: 

  • Amherst College – located in Massachusetts, this building top the Community on The Environment award (COTE award) by AIA. Their newly built science center provides a versatile facility for its science program. Almost 76% of energy was saved from their energy consumption because they have a solar array and automated interior shades. 
  • Asilong Christian High School – an infrastructure located in Asilong, Kenya that used solar panels for renewable energy consumption.
  • Daniels Building – part of the building of the University of Toronto, located in Ontario is an eco-friendly building that provides a radiant ceiling than raised floor systems. This system let to enter a passive ventilation and cooling system to conserve energy and save costs.
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral – a religious building program type located in New York. It is an architectural building that has an alluring design of structures and provides a geothermal and mechanical system for energy conservation. 

Those are the few buildings awarded by AIA as a COTE awardee. You can check out on the AIA  website to view other eco-friendly buildings and further information. 

Commercial Window Coverings – What are the ways to make commercial buildings more energy-efficient (related to providing commercial window coverings)?


In our status quo, global warming is very alarming. It is time to do something that could help our environment and preserving the natural resources that left on earth. We have to use materials and systems that maintain sustainability in our environment. Commercial buildings made our industry and help the prosperity of the global economy. The area used to build commercial buildings is wide. Most of them destroyed many trees to occupy a wider space for the building. A wider space occupied means a wider energy consumption. In order to maintain a sustainable indoor workplace, we should make ways to have an energy-efficient commercial building. The owner should let an architect design the structure of the building that could easily use renewable energy. It is also good to install solar panels, reflective surfaces, and using a glazing system. The glazing systems provide window treatments for your window frames to have more energy-efficient. It is advised to purchase only the window covering types that not just have a good design for your indoor look but also help you control the temperature of the building. For example, if your building is located in a country that has two seasons only (summer and wet)  it is good to have shade or blinds window covering to lessen the daylight in the building. There are other varieties of window coverings, it depends on the type of projects that you want to install for your building. Install a window frame that would lower the costs of your yearly bill. It is also nice to have a skylight in a commercial building. The building will not use electric lights in the morning because of the natural sunlight that entered in the window. In this case, you can save money and energy for your operations. Another way that a commercial building should do to achieve an energy-efficient environment is to provide a ventilation system. It is better to use the ventilation system so that natural air will enter the building. The ventilation controls the natural air that will come in and out of the building. Using a ventilation system would lessen the use of air-conditioning in the room. An energy-efficient commercial building will not just help the environment, but it also helps thousands of people working in the building. It provides the natural resources that a human body needs to have good health, and it can save a lot of money.