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What are the Different Types of Window Blinds?

The window blinds are also a good covering to control the shade of lights that entered your home or building.

What are the Different Types of Window Blinds? 1


What are the Different Types of Window blinds?

There are a variety of window coverings to be installed in your window frames. One of them is window blinds. The window blinds are also a good covering to control the shade of lights that entered your home or building.  Research done by Home Stratosphere shows that window blinds are the most popular type of window coverings sold in the market. In their recent survey, it shows that 58% of their 750 participants prefer to use a window blind for their window treatment. Window blinds are made with different materials. There are window blinds that are made of plastic, paper, wood, and metal. 

A window blinds can be operated automatically or manually. It depends on what type of window blind treatments you will choose to install and reach with your budget. 

What are the different types of window blinds?

There are different types of window blinds that you can choose to install in a different area of your house or commercial building. You can choose the ideal blinds for your window treatments in the sliding door, the dining room of your house, living room, kitchen, and window blinds for your bedroom. If you wondered what type of window blinds you should install at your home, no need to worry because we listed them down for you. 

  • Vertical Blinds 
    • A popular type of blind used for the residential windows. Made with plastic materials and easy to clean. It is ideal for sliding doors, and small windows at your home or building. It is also energy-efficient because it blocks the shade of light and controls the heat and cooling of your place.
  • Smart Blinds
    • A quite expensive type of window blinds. It is generated automatically using a remote control. It is ideal if you are aiming for a modern style look and achieve a hi-tech house or building.
  • Micro Blinds
    • These are the types of blinds that have a micro design and made with aluminum. It is ideal for small spaces and classic structures of buildings and houses.
  • Venetian Blinds
    • Its design is made with horizontal slats. When you pull up the string of the window blind, the slats will raise up and pile and roll-up. 
  • Mini Blinds
    • The design of the mini blinds has similarities with the Venetian blinds. However, it has a thin horizontal slat, unlike the Venetian blinds. 
  • Panel Blinds
    • These are types of window blinds that are also ideal for your sliding and patio doors. It is ideal for broad windows and doors. Panel blinds let you open and close blinds by pushing and pulling the blinds.
  • Pleated shades
    • Made from a pleated fabric or plastic. Like the Venetian blinds, pleated shades slats will roll-up once strings were pulled up. 
  • Cellular Shades
    • A window blinds that have a small pocket for insulation. It has a single and double-layer ideal that helps control the cooling and heat temperature of the room.
  • Roman Shades
    • A primitive style window blinds that are made from natural fabrics. The blinds will fold once its strings are raised.
  • Roller Shades
    • The usual style of blinds used in commercial windows. It is rolled up and down to manage the daylight in the room. It is made from light materials such as fabrics. 
  • Solar shades
    • Similar to roller shades that strings will be rolled up and down to manage the heat. It is made with a modern look design applicable to large commercial windows. The materials are made with heavy materials 
  • Wood Blinds
    • There are two types of wood blinds: faux wood and real wood. Real woods such as bamboo blinds are heavy materials and can be easily moist especially in humid areas. Real woods are natural and energy-efficient. However, if you are looking for a wood blind that will not easily swell during humidity, faux wood is a better alternative. It is cost-effective wood blinds which composed of plastic and real woods for robust window treatment. 

The types of window blinds that you will choose must be concrete and ideal for your home or building concept.  It is also better to know your expected budget first for your window treatment expenses so that you will purchase only the blinds that are exact from your budget. Choose the blinds that will not only give a superb look in your home but also cost-effective and efficient. The window treatments that you will choose depend on the concept of your style. If you are aiming for a modern concept in your home or building, choose a window covering that has a crisp look, vibrant colors, and chic style. It is better to use window blinds that are made with light materials such as paper blinds, natural and synthetic fabric blinds.

ROLLER VS. SOLAR SHADES: WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU? – Different Types of Window Blinds

We have mentioned above the different types of window blinds. Those are just a few of the maximum number of designs and types of window treatments. The only thing different is the use of materials and the concept of your window treatments for your residential and commercial windows. Roller and Solar shades are both prominent types of window blinds in commercial building window treatment. However, roller shades are composed of plastic materials specially designed to cover out the light rays that enter the window and make your room dark. Solar shades, on the other hand, are also made by PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) specially designed not just to give a stunning look in your place but protects you from UV rays. So, which type of shades is really right for you? Is it roller shades or solar shades? The answer is it depends on your preference. Nevertheless, we will give you some tips to help you on how to pick the best commercial window treatments for your commercial windows.

 HOW TO PICK COMMERCIAL WINDOW SHADES? – Different Types of Window Blinds

There are things that you must consider when choosing commercial window shades: effectivity, appearance, and durability. 

Effectivity – choose a commercial window that is energy-efficient. If you have large commercial windows, make sure you will pick the type of shades that blocks the entire window and help control the daylight and provide insulation. It is good to choose a window shade that has small pockets to provide fresh air in your room to avoid using an air-condition. Of course, if you will use often an air condition, your bills will increase and you will have more expenses to pay. Therefore, choose window shades that are not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective.

Appearance – it is better to choose window treatments for your windows that have an appealing look in your home design. Choose window treatments or window shades that are suit to the style of your home or building design. You have also to consider the materials used for your window shades. Yes, it may look stunning in your residential and commercial window frames but the materials (such as wood) might not be applicable in your country. Instances such as changing of seasons in your country can have a big impact on your chosen window treatments. Window treatments or shades that are made with real wood materials are not applicable in humid countries because they can easily change the appearance. Light materials such as fabrics are not ideal to protect your area from UV rays, choose window shades that are made from plastic. There’s a saying that it is good from the outside but bad in the inside. You must also consider that appearance alone is not a valid reason to choose the right window treatments for your windows, you must know what are the materials used to make those window shades or blinds. Tip: identify first your season, needs, and the consequences if you will choose certain window shades that have a different material. 

Durability – yes, all your chosen window shades are effective. It is energy-efficient and suits your budget. The design and style have a great appearance. It is really nice to have those window shades for your home or building concept. But, how long it will last? Durability is the one thing that you must not forget to consider when choosing a window treatment for your window frames. It is better that you will choose how effective the quality of the product than quantity. Choose window shades that will last longer not only for months and years (unless you will buy again a new one, and change the design and interior of your house). 

EAD short for effectivity, appearance, and durability. Three letters and words to remember for choosing the right window treatments for your residential and commercial windows. There are companies that customized window coverings for your ideal design and style. Customized window treatments are way better because you can decide and suggest the materials that will be used, and how it will look like. There are a variety of window treatments that you can choose. However, it is not effective to pick a window coverings just because of its colorful design. Remember that window treatments help you save money and energy and will be used forever in your area.